The Journey Begins…

For a night out, I will always choose a trip to the cinema. There’s no better feeling than when the lights dim, the whispered conversations slowly fade away and you settle in your seat ready to escape into another world.

And when it’s cold outside, you can’t beat snuggling up on the sofa (with or without the other half!) and watching episode after episode of the latest series.

This blog is my little pocket of the web where you’ll find my reviews and opinions of all sorts of films, TV shows and games.

I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no idea how well this is going to work out, but thank you for joining me.

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  1. Katrina Longman says:

    Well done for starting your blog , all the best.


  2. Charli Dee says:

    For me, nothing beats getting comfortable with my family to watch a movie or an episode of our favorite show! Those are our activities to do together! Looking forward to exploring your blog!

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  3. 31i55a R3n33 says:

    from what i can tell, your blog is doing very well.
    plus, it’s nice to see other people’s reviews on movies or tv shows that you love, and it makes you go “hmm”, “i didnt think about that”, or “i can see where you’re coming from”. and it helps you out to know what movies or tv shows you should be watching, especially when you’re not sure or want to spend the ticket price at the theatre.

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    1. Kirsty T says:

      Thank you, Iā€™m happy if I can persuade someone to try something different or introduce them to something new.

      I get frustrated sometimes but overall I am quite proud of my blog. Thank you so much for your support, you are a star šŸŒŸ

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