Movie Links #1


Hey everyone!

There is a game that Mark and I play when we are in the car which I thought might may for an interesting little series. Basically, you are given two actors and you have to create a chain of links to get from one to the other. One rule: No internet allowed!

It sounds simple enough but when you are put on the spot, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. For example, one time I gave Mark, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, thinking it was a difficult one (in my head, I had a chain of about 3  or 4 films). His answer: James McAvoy was in X-Men: First Class with Jennifer Lawrence.    Total *facepalm* on my part.

For my first one, given to me by a work friend is Christian Bale to Eric Bana. So, here goes…


Christian Bale was in American Hustle (2013) with……

Photo by Jason Merritt – © 2014 Getty Images

Bradley Cooper, who was in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) with……

Photo by Dave J Hogan – © 2014 Dave J Hogan

Zoe Saldana, who was in Star Trek (2009) with……

Eric Bana!!

What do you guys think? Shall I carry on with this series? Who do you want me to link up?

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  1. What a great game! My fiancé is a movie buff so he’d kick my ass I think!

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  2. nsfordwriter says:

    I’m no good at games like these… I would suggest some but they would probably be really easy 🙂

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    1. Kirsty T says:

      That’s okay 😂

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  3. Ah yes! This is like the 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It was a big thing with my friends during college. I doubt I could remember any of the movies now haha.

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  4. That sounds challenging but fun! I would definitely fail at this because I don’t know enough about who is in what movie!

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