Series Review: GoT 8.6 – The Iron Throne


I know it’s been a week since the final ever episode of Game of Thrones aired but I have only just got around to writing up my thoughts. To be honest with you, I think I’ve been putting it off in a feeble attempt to deny that the show I love has come to an end.

Whilst I am not surprised that some people were unhappy with the series finale, with such a large fanbase GoT was never going to please everybody, I am, however, shocked and disappointed by the massive backlash that it received. I am not a fan of spoilers and will avoid anything that may potentially ruin what is to come, this includes fan theories. As a result, I went into the final season and the final episode with no expectations, I just wanted to be entertained, and for me, it was perfect.

And so for the last time, here are my thoughts on episode six, The Iron Throne. As always, if you haven’t seen it yet, this post does contain spoilers so avoid if you haven’t seen the episode.

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The previous five episodes were all very fast-paced which, personally, I really enjoyed, they didn’t give you room to breathe between scenes and it really helped to up the tension. However, with the main bulk of the action done and the story winding down, this episode really slows the pace down and allows us time to take in the level of destruction Daenerys caused to King’s Landing and its people.

Not happy with achieving her life-long goal of sitting on the Iron Throne, Dany sets her sights on the rest of the Country and beyond. Her choice to speak Dothraki and High Valyrian, instead of the Common Tongue, highlights her disconnect from, and disinterest in, the people she has just conquered. She has become a true villain, terrifying in the fact that she genuinely believes she is doing what is good and right, setting people free, breaking the wheel.

Dany’s beliefs, and Jon’s subsequent actions, remind me of Sam’s words back in the first episode of this season: “You gave up your crown to save your people…” He may not necessarily have wanted to sit on the Iron Throne but yet again, Jon is giving up his power to do what is best for the people of the realm .

Love this shot.
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As someone who gets a little too invested in the character arcs, and who is a sucker for a happy ending, this episode did a great job of closing off storylines and tying up loose ends.

Bran – I’ll admit I didn’t see this one coming but I think that it is a good call to make. It may have been a very long time ago but we have already (briefly) seen Bran in a leadership role, and his ability to see the past means he can learn from everyone’s mistakes, he is the best choice.

Sansa – Without a doubt, Sansa had one of the best storylines throughout the whole series and, although I would’ve liked to see her Queen overall, the North is where she belongs. I really admire the fact that she still fought for the North’s independence, even though her brother was chosen to be King. This just goes to show that she will be a just and fair Queen who listens to her people.

Her coronation sequence, and dress, were absolutely incredible and probably one of my favourite scenes and outfits of the whole show. Having spent the last seven seasons taking inspiration from everyone around her, this season and this episode in particular, we see Sansa as she truly is; a Queen in her own right.

Arya – Although I am a little heartbroken that Gendarya was only a one-night thing, having Arya settle down and marry a Lord would not have done her character any justice. Hopefully with her assassin days behind her, Arya moves on to explore worlds unknown.

What’s West of Westeros?
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Jon – Poor Jon. Twice now he has had to hold the woman he loves in his arms as she dies, this time by his own hand. But he has Stark blood in his veins and he will always do what is right. As punishment for his crime, and to keep Grey Worm moderately happy, Jon is banished to the Night’s Watch, almost coming full circle. Rather than staying at Castle Black, the place where he was murdered by his brothers, Jon journeys on to the real North with Tormund and Ghost at his side. And, much to the satisfaction of the fans, Ghost gets some much needed love from Jon.

Tyrion – I think it’s fair to say that Tyrion has been through the ringer during his time on the show; years of disdain from his father and sister, surviving two trial by combats for crimes he did not commit, finding his lover in his father’s bed, and that’s not even the half of it. The few highlights of his life is his relationship with his brother and his love for his nieces and nephews, which is what makes the below scene so heartbreaking. Having just walked through the burnt out remains of Kings Landing, he still hoped that Jaime and Cersei managed to escape, that his treason was worth the price he would have to pay.

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With Tyrion given the punishment of serving as Hand of the King, it was interesting to see who else would make up Bran’s small council, and in this respect GoT did not disappoint. Honestly, I would quite happily watch an entire series of small council meetings, just for the sheer entertainment value.

If anybody has truly played the ‘Game of Thrones’ and won, it is Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. He has gone from an ordinary sell-sword, to the knighted Master of Coin and Lord of Highgarden. His bickering with Ser Davos, the new Master of Ships will give Tyrion more headaches than being Hand ever could.

I was so excited to see Sam Tarly shuffling in wearing his Grand Maester’s robes and a couple of links on his chain, presumably for curing Ser Jorah of his greyscale and his knowledge of White Walkers. Another person who lived under the shadow his father, it is great to see Sam finally doing what he wants to do and with a new baby on the way too.

Although she swore an oath to Sansa, Brienne (quite rightly) ends up taking the role previously held by Jaime: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Not only is this a great symmetry with her relationship with Jaime but it is also a physical reminder of the breaking of the wheel. Not only has a woman been given the title of Ser but she has also been given the greatest honour that a knight could hold. And it seems as though she has already put that power to good use with the knighting of Podrick Payne, another moment that had me cheering.

As part of her new role, it is her responsibility to ensure the ‘Book of Brothers’ is kept up to date and this provided a touching yet bittersweet scene in which she details all of Jaime’s deeds, starting from his capture at Whispering Wood and ending with his death, ‘protecting his Queen’.

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And that is that. Not including the various spin-offs that are currently in the works, one of my favourite shows ever has now come to a close. And on that note, I would love to hear your thoughts. Which side of the Wall do you sit? For all those who are angry and disappointed with the way the show has ended, you clearly didn’t listen to Ramsey…

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Ramsey Bolton – S03E06
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