Series Review: Bodyguard (2018)

The British thriller series, Bodyguard, has been on my must-watch list since it first aired on the BBC back in August of last year but it always seemed to take a back seat. This weekend, we finally got around to watching it on Netflix and I’ll be honest, it had me hooked from the beginning, although Mark wasn’t overly keen.

After foiling an attempted terrorist attack on a London train, Specialist Protection Officer David Budd (Richard Madden) is promoted to the protection of Home Secretary, Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), but her aggressive and somewhat controversial stance on counter-terrorism makes her a valuable target, and before long Budd finds himself in the middle of a political power struggle with enemies on all sides.

This six-part series from the creator of Line of Duty had a definite Bond feel to it, which is probably what fuelled the push for Madden to be the next 007, and as it stands he is currently the bookies favourite (source). Having seen the show now, I have to say, I get it, although I have always favoured Tom Hiddlestone for the role.

But that’s a topic of discussion for another day, back to the review.

Still of Keeley Hawes from Bodyguard.
Keeley Hawes as Home Secretary, Julia Montague.

Fans of who-dunnits and murder mysteries will have a field day, as creator Jed Mercurio does a brilliant job of making you think you’ve got it solved before throwing a huge spanner in the works. Honestly, there are more breadcrumbs and red herrings in this show than Hansel and Gretel at a fish market.

Each episode was well paced and held your attention from start to finish, with strong performance throughout. The story itself did get a little convoluted towards the end, but I think if you take into consideration some of the underlying themes within the show, you can understand some of the choices made by the characters.

Bodyguard manages to make politics vaguely interesting.

Overall, Bodyguard is a thoroughly enjoyable police thriller, and with such a short run-time, you can easily binge it in a night or over a weekend. So grab the popcorn, or perhaps more appropriately brew yourself a cup of tea 😉 and settle in for a tense Netflix session.

Have you seen it yet? I would love to hear your thoughts. It would be interesting to see how well this show performs outside of the UK.

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