Review: Tell Me Who I Am


There’s a whole host of new releases at the cinema lately that I really want to watch but when the weather is a bit crap, it’s difficult to drag yourself away from the comfort of home. Mind you, with the quality content that Netflix are putting out at the moment, you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

One of our latest Netflix views was the documentary Tell Me Who I Am, which, despite the different medium, sits well alongside my recent watch of the limited series Unbelievable.

Poster for the Netflix documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am' (2019).

As a teenager, Alex was involved in a serious accident that caused him to lose all his memories; he didn’t know who he was or who his friends were. He didn’t know his house, his mother or his father, the only thing he remembered from his life was his twin brother, Marcus.

Clinging to this one lifeline, this one constant, Alex starts to reconstruct his life through old photos and stories that Marcus shares with him. However, in order to give Alex the best childhood he can, Marcus hides a terrible family secret that threatens to tear the brother’s relationship apart.

Alex Lewis in the 2019 Netflix documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am'.

Set out in three acts, the start of the story is mainly told by Alex. This is then reinforced by Marcus in Act Two, who starts to fill in some of the gaps. Act Three, sees the two brothers come face to face, and everything is put out onto the table.

The strength in this film is in its simplicity, it is just two guys talking into the camera with a few little dramatisations, that do not distract from the story but are incredibly symbolic. You would be forgiven for thinking this simple set-up would be a little boring, but you actually get really invested, and there is no escape from the raw emotion that is displayed.

Marcus Lewis in the 2019 documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am'.

Not only is this documentary a heart-wrenching, powerful and thought-provoking watch but it is also sure to spark an interesting moral debate. Without a doubt, you will be able to empathise with the reasonings, motivations and decisions of both Marcus and Alex, but the real question is….. if you were in that situation

What would you do?

Still from the 2019 Netflix documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am'.

Have you seen it? Let me know your thoughts.

Trigger Warning: For some, this documentary may be difficult to watch.

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  1. Keith says:

    I love the question “What would you do?” I think the movie makes a great case for both and doesn’t judge either. Really tough stuff.

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